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Services and equipment

Premium apartments for rent in Karlín.

Comfort and Carefreeness Above All

Overview of services

Housing in Fragment will fully adapt to the requirements of each tenant. From the comfort of their fully furnished units, residents will be offered both services included in the rent and services that go above and beyond.

Standard tenant services

  • Property management
  • Internet connection
  • 24/7 standby services
  • Helpdesk – communicating with the property management provider
  • Maintenance of common areas
  • Delivery services
  • Purchasing wine via a mobile app
  • Equipment checks, services, and inspections

Extra tenant services

  • Maintenance – routine, extra
  • Changing bed linen, ironing
  • Floral services
  • Transportation to the airport/taxi
  • Babysitting
  • Dog walking
  • Leisure time activities

Apartment facilities

Imagine signing a rental agreement and moving into an apartment fully furnished by an interior designer. You don’t need to worry about a thing—just make yourself at home.

  • Fully equipped kitchen with clever storage space
  • Wooden floors throughout the unit, inc. the foyer
  • Large-format windows with aluminum frames
  • Variable lighting
  • Large-format tiles and Laufen sanitary ware in the bathrooms
  • Wellness WC
  • Heating and cooling by active ceilings
  • Air-conditioning with recovery, filtration, humidity and air temperature control
  • Loxone Smart Home System

Loxone Smart Home System

Life in Fragment is all about comfort and absolutely no worries, and so every unit’s facilities can be easily controlled via a Loxone smart home system. It intelligently links your technologies together, allowing you to independently manually control them to your own satisfaction.

  • Control via a mobile app, smart button, and tablet
  • Intelligent ventilation
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Exterior blinds that shade according to info from a weather station
  • Intercom
  • Security and surveillance functions
  • Detailed consumption statistics
  • Smoke detector also connected to the reception
  • Automatic switch to rest mode after 18 hours of no activity

Building amenities

Premium rental housing isn’t only about quality architecture, first-class materials, an excellent location, and smart technologies, there also has to be an emphasis on timelessness. Fragment therefore reflects the demands for contemporary residential construction. The entire building is as sustainable as possible and minimally energy-intensive.

  • Ground-to-water heat pump with 30 geothermal boreholes 180 m deep
  • Heating and cooling system built into the ceilings
  • Green roofs with vegetation
  • Using well water and rainwater to cover operational consumption
  • Smart management of the entire building and common areas

Complete technical equipment of the project and apartments

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