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Na Zátorce 1, 160 00, Prague 6

About the project

Let the past inspire you. Live in the present. Look towards the future.

Fragment is an architecturally unique premium rental housing project by investment group Trigema, set in the most original of Prague’s districts—Karlín—and designed by the Qarta studio in cooperation with David Černý.

The Flagship of Rental Housing

Fragment will offer 140 fully furnished apartments for rent with layouts from studios to spacious penthouses with their own rooftop terrace. The project’s winsome atmosphere was achieved through the combination of designer furniture and cutting-edge technologies, and the surrounding greenery and quiet zone will provide a welcome respite from the busy city life. The complex will include 119 parking spaces in underground garages.

A Building Like a Work of Art

The Fragment project goes far beyond the boundaries of standard residential housing. It’s a distinctive work of art with a singular character that will make an impact on each and every tenant. This makes it a unique applied art residential project that will rewrite the chapter on rental housing in the Czech Republic. Its name as well as its original architecture helps Fragment connect the past to the present, the present with the future, art with life, and all of the above to the lives of its residents.

Architecture That Can’t Be Denied

The architectural style of the entire complex will transform the character of one of Prague’s most beautiful districts. From up high, the Fragment building resembles a reclining figure, which is a reference to the former glory of the next door historical building, Invalidovna. Its facade is made up of atypical spaced-out blocks, i.e. fragments, that create a logically arranged, compact whole.

Exemplary Technology

Technological equipment is another thing that makes Fragment stand out among the rest. The technologies used include groundwater heat pumps with a system of 30 geothermal boreholes 180 m deep, air-conditioning with heat recovery, filtration, humidity, and temperature treatment of incoming air, heating and cooling by active ceilings, well and rainwater to cover operational water consumption (for toilet flushing and watering the greenery). In addition, all of the rooftops are “green roofs” with vegetation.

High-End Furnishings Throughout

All of the apartments for rent in Fragment offer clever layouts, designer furniture, and the latest technologies, such as a Loxone Smart home system that allows you to set an optimal temperature, ventilation intensity, or exterior blinds that respond to instructions sent from a weather station. The entire building will have a common central reception available to all residents, and each section will have its own elegant lobby. An integral part of the complex is a natural relaxation zone with an abundance of greenery and water elements.

You—Fragment’s First Resident

What makes Fragment a truly unique building? Its residents, who fill it with life. In the morning, the lobby will come alive with people heading off to work or school. In the afternoon, people will come out on their balconies to enjoy a glass of wine during a peaceful moment of the day, and the ground floor will be full of neighbors and friends. You will be part of Fragment’s story and can start writing the next chapter of rental housing in Prague.

Minimum Worries, Maximum Comforts

Fragment adds comfort, ease, a carefree lifestyle, and an atmosphere of cohesion and belonging to rental housing. Tenants can rely on the help of a receptionist, but we will take care of all other necessities. Thanks to its wide range of civic amenities, excellent accessibility, and large amount of green spaces, Karlín is one of the best places to live in Prague.

Art Living Experience

Where the best of the world of art and architecture meet

Creativity Is the Essence of Life…

Fragment’s name reflects the increments of time, how the present, past, and future collide, fragments of the lives of its residents who will fill the building with life, as well as fragments of art. This very essence goes above and beyond the standard offer of residential housing. The collaboration between David Wittassek and Jiří Řezák from the prestigious Qarta studio and the artist David Černý has yielded a unique premium rental housing project that is also a work of art.

David Černý, Artist

​​Inside the opposite Baroque Dientzenhofer Invalidovna building there are fragments of preserved sculptures that David Černý symbolically transferred to the exterior of Fragment in the form of large sculptures and parts thereof. These massive shapes hold a protective hand over the lives of the building’s residents and symbolize the ideas of cohesion and belonging, in which every detail that completes the project matters.

David Wittassek and Jiří Řezák, Qarta Studio

The facade of the building consists of atypical spaced-out blocks, i.e. fragments, which are then layered into a functional structure and therefore fit into a compact whole. This symbolically paraphrases the multilayered nature of life, which consists of an infinite number of smaller parts, from the briefest of experiences to the formative ones.