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Na Zátorce 1, 160 00, Prague 6

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Housing for Those Who Want More Than the Usual

Fragment is the intersection of the best of three worlds: architecture, art, and residential development. Everything goes hand in hand with functionality from the initial design to the final execution to make sure that Karlín’s new architectural landmark will be a joy to live in.

Art Living Experience

Fragment is the result of the collaboration between the Trigema investment company, the architects David Wittassek and Jiří Řezák from the prestigious Qarta architektura studio, and the artist David Černý.

“For us, Fragment represents the connection between the spirit of construction, architecture, and art. I think that people who don’t depend on other people’s decisions will live here. People who make their own choices about how they want to live their lives.”

Marcel Soural

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Trigema

“The very shape of the Fragment building will make sure that it won’t be just a generic apartment house. The entire structure is designed to reflect the building’s fragmented nature, which is also evident in the interior.”

Jiří Řezák and David Wittassek

QARTA Architektura

“I’m a figurative sculptor, and so the concept for the shape of the building is for it to be a prone figure surrounded by other figures, i.e. sculptures and fragments thereof that represent their support of one another.”

David Černý


An Iconic Place in an Iconic Neighborhood

A city is a living organism that is constantly transforming itself. If there is a district in Prague that symbolizes this, it would surely be Karlín. It’s right next to the city center, is home to both historical and contemporary development, with sought-after restaurants and corners with a small-town feel. You don’t just reside in Karlín, you live in Karlín.

When Functionality Meets Sustainability

Behind Fragment’s remarkable facade are technical facilities that set the bar very high: geothermal boreholes, active ceilings, green roofs, well and rainwater harvesting, a Loxone Smart Home system. Once you move in, you’ll notice right away that we’ve thought of everything in Fragment.

A New Chapter in Rental Housing

140 apartments for rent, all with premium facilities and furnishings from floor to ceiling. You, the future tenant, will add a personal touch. Get ready to enter a world of unparalleled comfort and serenity. There has never been rental housing like this before.


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